Frequently Asked Questions

Does Remedial Massage hurt?

Remedial therapy may initially be uncomfortable to a patient. Our remedial therapists are trained to operate within the limits of your comfort. We often need to challenge your pain tolerances in order to relieve the tension. Temporary tenderness may occur as a result.

Is there an age limit to receive a massage?

Our primary market is derived from pain related disorders of the human body. Therefore, there are no age or gender criteria.

Is it safe to have a massage while Pregnant?

During the three trimesters of pregnancy there are different precautions that your therapist will take to ensure your comfort and safety. If your pregnancy has no complications, massage is not a problem. It is a wonderful treatment for the body during this time. The hormone relaxin is released during pregnancy which loosens ligaments to allow for carriage of the baby through the pelvis. Relaxin is released from day one of the pregnancy and has the effect of loosening all ligaments in the body. This can lead to unstable vertebrae and joints. Muscle spasms are common during pregnancy as the body tries to stabilise itself. Massage can help to relieve these spasms and help the body to realign itself. Pregnancy can be very tiring. Women carry an excessive amount of weight around during this time. Mothers have to carry the baby and the weight gain associated with fluids and nourishing tissues for the baby. Massage is a wonderful technique to relax and rejuvenate a woman during this time.

Can massage treat cancer?

No evidence exists to suggest that massage cures cancer. Lymphatic drainage (a form of massage) can be employed however to relieve physical discomfort and improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

Doctor’s clearance must be obtained before commencing treatment. Orthodox medicine has theorised that massage may cause some types of cancers to spread, however this theory has been dispelled and the evidence now suggests that massage assists and improves a patients quality of life during oncology treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage is often used during cancer treatment, as it is a gentle whole body treatment that relaxes the nervous system and aids in the healing of the body’s immune system. Lymphatic drainage involves a range of specialised and gentle rhythmic pumping techniques that moves excessive fluid in the correct direction of the lymph flow and into the network of lymph vessels and lymph nodes for filtration. This technique assists the body to naturally eliminate excess toxins, dead cells, viruses, bacteria and chemicals quicker for a faster recovery. The other benefits of lymphatic drainage are: relieving fluid congestion, promoting wound healing and relieving stress and anxiety in patients.

Does your clinic Bulk Bill?

Our office does not bulk bill. Payment is expected at time of consultation. But we do have the convenient payment options of cash, cheque or EFTPOS (e.g., Cheque, Savings, Credit)

Can I receive my health fund rebate over the counter?

YES. Our clinic has the HICAPS facility that enables you to claim your health fund rebate over the counter and directly with us.