What Sets Us Apart

A Welcoming & Comforting Atmosphere

Alternative Way to Health's remedial therapy and skin needling clinics' professionalism is well renowned in the Merewether area. The reception is warm and inviting and the rooms at Alternative Way to Health are beautifully appointed and have the very best in equipment for your comfort. Most importantly we are known as being a highly organised and efficient clinic in the Newcastle district. We have a very good reputation amongst our clients due to our treatment success rate and punctuality.

square-lily.jpgAlternative Way to Health remedial therapy and skin needling clinic has sought out excellent practitioners with the highest clinical skills and ethics. We all work together as a team for the maximum benefit of our clients. This alone sets us apart from most of our competition. We take close personal interest in our clients, and commonly exceed their expectations. Client feedback is encouraged, so that we always provide the very best for our clientele. Customer satisfaction is measured from the repeat business of our clients and the many referrals that they generate.

We aim to maintain an extremely high level of service at all times. From the moment a client enters our clinic they are made to feel welcome and special. We show concern and acknowledge that our clients time is precious too. Alternative Way to Health rarely runs behind schedule.

square-what-sets-us-apart.jpgAlternative Way to Health's remedial therapy and skin needling clinics' focus is on the treatment of musculoskeletal tension, aches or pains and problematic skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne, stretch marks or scars.

At Alternative Way to Health remedial therapy and skin needling clinic we treat clients who's bodies have become physically tight due to life's stresses or who wish to simply improve their physical appearance through non-surgical aesthetic intervention.

Whether you have been injured, are too anxious or work hard physically; stresses accumulate in the body's muscles causing stiffness and pain, this we can help you with. Or, if you just wish to improve your appearance in order to boost your self confidence or specifically treat problematic skin, we can help with that as well. 

All of our therapies aim to achieve the same result: a relaxed, pain free, de-stressed internal musculoskeletal system or a more confidant and vibrant external version of you.