Dr Germaine Salib - Chiropractor

Dr Germaine Salib


B. Med. Sc. Syd. M Chiropractic


Dr. Germaine graduated from the University of Sydney with a bachelor of Medical Science in 1997 and a Masters in Chiropractic from Macquarie University in 2003.

Dr Germaine began her private practice in 2004 in North Shore, CBD and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Dr Germaine's focus is to treat her patients holistically and assessing at the implications of neuro-musculo-sketetal conditions to assess the casue not just the symptoms for:

*pain management

*physical conditioning

*chemical toxicity and nutrition

*emotional and mental well-being

Dr Germaine has an interest in chronic pain management and anti-ageing biohacking so her patients experience peak performance at every phase of life.

Dr Germaine has co-authored a New York Times Best Seller with Dr Deepak Chopra featuring her as the Wellness Expert Chiropractic Dr.

Dr Germaine has treated families, elite athletes, stressed out corporate managers and business owners as well as dancers.

Dr Germaine has also been a clinical specialist for medical devices in NSW and ACT hospitals working in the following medial specialities: Orthopaedics, Plastics (Aesthetics, Reconstructive & Burns), Neurosurgery, Paediatrics, Cardio-thoracic, Maxilo-facial, Colorectal, General, Spinal & Laproscopic procedures.

Dr Germaine's life's mission is to transform people's lives, master healthy living and enjoy a succesful and accomplished life without pain.


Provider No: 260966TL - Merewether